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化学反应工程是化学工程与技术领域内的重要分支,是化学工程与技术专业和相近专业的核心课程。 化学反应工程是以工业规模的化学反应过程为主要研究对象,研究过程速率、平衡及其变化规律,研究宏观工程因素对化学反应过程的影响,以实现工业反应过程及反应器开发、设计、放大、和操作优化控制。 本课程强化工程观念的培养;训练科学思维方法;注重讨论影响反应过程和结果的工程因素,为学生胜任该领域的科学技术工作打下良好的基础。   Chemical reaction engineering, a core curriculum of chemical engineering and technology and relevant professions, is an important branch in the field of chemical engineering and technology.   Chemical reaction engineering takes the chemical processes of industrial scale as main research object, which studies process speed, balance and its change rule and the influence of macro factors on chemical reaction process in order to realize industrial reaction process, reactor development, design, amplification, optimize operation and control. This course aims at strengthening the cultivation of engineering concepts; training the scientific thinking styles; emphasizing the discussion of reaction process and results influenced by engineering factors, so that students can be qualified for the scientific work in this field.

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