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     Dr. Fan Mingyue is the one of the main lecturers of this course. She is an associate professor in Management school of Jiangsu University, which is the same place she got her PHD. She has one year experience of studying in UK and half a year in Germany both as a visit scholar. Her major is Management Information and information system. And she has 7-year experience of teaching oversea students.




    Dr. Zhang Daohai is also an associate professor in Management school of Jiangsu University. He is now in charge of the department of Management Information and information system. He is good at case study and has published one book for it. Looking forward to seeing more good cases from him.





    Ms. Liu xiaosong is also my college. She had half a year experience in Germany as a visitor scholar. She is now in charge of VFP programming course and very good at teaching oversea students on practicing system. She is patient and quite skillful. We are glad that she can join in this team. 





    Professor Liu qiusheng is full of experience in teaching. He teaches many courses concerned with computer science. In his class, students are active and creative. You will feel lucky when you join in.






    Dr. Shen yan is an associate professor in Management school of Jiangsu University. His major is computer science and very good at    computer program. If you learn from him, you will get more knowledge about computer science. He is responsible for helping you to operate the ERP system.





    Dr. Rose Quan is a senior lecture in Northumbiran University in UK. She is good at teaching MBA students. She has taught MBA students in university of Warsaw, Poland and University of Axemburg, Germany. We are lucky to have her in our team. She will bring some new oversea cases here to share.





    Dr. Dragana Ostic is a lecture in Jiangsu University. She is so nice and skillful of communicating with oversea students. She will be responsible for the communication and feedback of this course.