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This course has a total of 54 hours (As shown in table 1, 32 class hours course teaching and special lectures, 10 class hours of case teaching and discussion, and 6 class hours of computer  operation teaching), its contents and arrangements are as follows:

Chapter One  We live in an information age: facing changes in the business environment.(six class hours)

It mainly teaches the concept of management information system, Porter's five forces model, three general strategies for Porter's model, value chain analysis (four class hours); And carry on the analysis and discussion of the "99 branch store informatization promotion" case, etc. (two class hours)

Chapter Two  The main business motive: application of information technology to gain competitive advantage.(eight class hours)

It mainly teaches the supply chain management system, customer relationship management system, electronic collaboration, IT culture from an organizational perspective, enterprise resource planning (four class hours); analyze and discuss the case of "Amazon open offline bookstore" (two class hours); proceed special lectures 1-- "Crowdsourcing" or "Just in Time" (two class hours).

Chapter Three  Database and data warehouse: build the business intelligence of the enterprise. (six class hours)

Mainly teach relational database, database management system tools, data warehouse and data mining, the function and application of business intelligence (four class hours); and carry on the analysis and discussion of the "Cincinnati zoo business intelligence application" case, etc. (two class hours)

Chapter Four  Decision support and artificial intelligence: the think tank of the enterprise(six class hours)

It mainly teaches decision support system, geographic information system, expert system, neural network and fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm, etc. (four class hours); and the "Big data medical" case analysis and discussion, etc. (two class hours)

Chapter Five  The electronic commerce: new economic strategy(eight class hours)

Mainly teach the business model of electronic commerce, know your enterprise, products, services, and customers, find the customer and build customer relationships, convenient and secure currency payment, the development trend of e-commerce (four class hours); Carry out "Meituan take-away -- online and offline integrated development" case analysis and discussion, etc. (two class hours); proceed special lecture 2 -- "mobile e-commerce"(two class hours).

Chapter Six  System development: steps, tools, and techniques. (four class hours)

It mainly teaches the system development life cycle, component based development method, prototype method and resource outsourcing, etc., and conducts an example analysis (four class hours).

Chapter Seven  Protection of people and information, the trend of emerging information technology. (four class hours)

It mainly teaches information ethics, privacy and information security, and understand the technological change arising from changes in the Internet, etc., provide some popular information problems to arouse students' discussion (two class hours); proceed special lecture 3 -- "Bitcoin" (2 class hours).

Chapter Eight  The example of ERP software application (six class hours)

It mainly teaches and computer demonstrate an example based QAD company enterprise resource planning(Hereinafter referred to as ERP )software operation process, including procurement, production, finance and other processes, it is convenient for students to understand the operation principle and application scope of  business - based management information system, strengthen students' knowledge reserve of practical application of management information system (six class hours).