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Course Name:Probability and Statistics   

Course No.: 


Total Hour:45(Theory Hour: 45,Experiment Hour: 0)

Primary Course:Calculus,Linear Algebra


Text Book:Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences (8th Edition). Jay Devore. Brooks/Cole,2011

Responsible Department:Faculty of Science

1. The Nature and Task of the Course :

Probability and statistics are the basic courses for students majoring in engineering and management. This course teaches the basic theories and methods of probability and statistics. Through the study, make students understand and master the theory of probability and statistics, students can analysis and solve problems based on the idea of probability theory and statistics method.

2. The Essential and Object of the Course :

(1). Introduction to the Course

Probability and statistics are an important basic subject in undergraduate stage, based on "calculus" and "linear algebra" in advanced mathematics. Probability and Statistics are mathematical subjects that study the number of random phenomena, and random phenomena are ubiquitous in nature and human life.

(2). Teaching Content

This course mainly includes probability theory (random event and probability; Random variables and their distributions; Numerical characteristics of random variables) and descriptive statistics (Stem and leaf display; Dot-plot; Histogram;sample mean;sample variance).

(3). Teaching Object

Through learning of this course, let students understand study random phenomena of mathematical thought and method, to master the basic knowledge of probability theory, concept, formula and its application.

3. The Distribution of the Total Hour:





Chapter 1 Descriptive Statistics




Chapter 2 Probability




Chapter 3 Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions




Chapter 4 Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions




Chapter 5 Point Estimation








4. Outline Remark

A learner must take all the lectures together with a final examination at the end of the course. After each class, all learners should finish the homework, and the remarks of homework would be included in the final remark. After each chapter, all learners should finish the quiz, and the remarks of quiz would be included in the final remark.

5. Reference

[1] Probability and Statistics for Engineering. Richard A. Johnson. Electronic Industry Press,2017.

[2] Probability and Statistics . Morris H.DeGroot; Mark J.Schervish etc.. Machinery Industry Press,2012